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Joint Beast & Prostate Cancer Awareness Forum to Educate, Empower and Celebrate Survivorship

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and recognition of Prostate Cancer Awareness Month (September), the New Black Wall Street Market will host their first Barbershop Salon Breast and Prostate Cancer Forum.

This powerful forum serves to bridge the intimate conversations shared in the barbershop and the salon into a single powerful forum that educates, empowers, and celebrates survivorship.

This celebration of survival is also a declaration of war against these terrible diseases. During the 2023 Breast Cancer Awareness month, we're bridging the intimate conversations women have in the salon with the honest conversations men have in the barbershop for a powerful, interactive, educational, and impactful experience. It is a fact that breast and prostate cancer are among the leading causes of death for African-American women and men. We can maximize the awareness and impact of stopping these terrible cancers by standing together. 


Meet Our Hosts & Speakers

Crystal Styles Cuthpert | Moderator & Host

Crystal is the CEO of Crystal Knows Beauty, LLC, and the owner of, a nutritional supplements brand. She also has a degree

in journalism, and she's an international wellness educator and motivational speaker. Her motivation is to inspire beauty from the inside out, targeting the importance of health & wellness and helping people uncover their true potential. Crystal’s communications

background stems from her professional experience as a broadcast news anchor/reporter in Alabama and Georgia, with humble beginnings as a media intern at WSBTV in Atlanta, where she produced and reported on segments for The National Association of Black Journalists.

Her passion for giving audiences aspirational advice and tips has broadened her

speaking platforms over the years, leading her to talk in front of internal corporate

teams, company executives, and shareholders. She has traveled across the globe as a

keynote at conventions, including television, radio, and publication interviews in places

like Johannesburg & Cape Town, South Africa, London, England, and Lagos, Nigeria.

Crystal has circled the United States, speaking and educating at various empowerment

events from small quaint meetups to larger crowds, including churches, community

service events, the Essence Festival, the World Natural Hair Show, the Women’s Expo,

Family Dollar Fabulous-New York and the like…inspiring hundreds across stages at the

Washington Convention Center, the Georgia World Congress Center, Georgia

International Convention Center, Orange County Convention Center, Gwinnett Infinite

Energy Convention Center, the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex, and more.

She has been an expert advisor and columnist for national publications such as

Sophisticate's Black Hair, Sophisticate's Hairstyle Guide…and since 2012 she still

writes hot topics for Black College Today magazine, a digital and print publication

distributed across the majority of HBCU campuses. She also launched a new talk show called

“The Incline with Crystal,” where she highlights community businesses and

entrepreneurs, many of which she has interviewed here at The New Black Wall Street


Crystal has a God-given passion for helping people. She explains that her talent is not learned but a blessing from God. She is also the Co-founder & Co-Chairperson of Proactive Change, Inc, a Georgia nonprofit organization. Their mission is to Proactively Change lives by helping those in need of educational resources, livelihood stabilization, and social awareness for the overall wellness of the community

Want to reach Crystal for speaking opportunities? Click “Contact Us” @ and drop her a note!

Preston Harris | Moderator & Host

Never Be Average. That’s my life motto; my name is Preston R. Harris. I Am The Winner of The 2023 Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, and they call me the Master Builder because I am specifically skilled in bringing out GREATNESS in people.

I am a partner with Vipsocio, a Global Culture Hub where we empower people to sell products, tickets to their events, and influencer packages. We have over 1.4 million users and will reach 10 million by the end of the year. In conjunction with that, I run my own film production company, Master Builder Productions, to tell the stories the world needs to hear. My expertise is in helping people maximize their potential and unleash their Greatness, I would love to help you do the same! Check out my new book, “From Pain To Power,” the motivational manifesto on A native of Lincoln, Nebraska, Preston has two brilliant, beautiful, healthy, strong children and is a mentor/positive role model for many people.

Prayer & Welcome | Dr. Calvin Ellison | Ellison's Consulting

Dr. Calvin Ellison is an Author, Entrepreneur, Naturopathic Doctor, and Certified Nutritional

Consultant, Global Wellness Trailblazer, and Marriage and Men's Advisor. He is the Founder and CEO of Success Dynamics, Inc. and Advantage Green, Inc., the author and founder of the Men Magnifying Manhood books and movement and co-author and founder of the Women Magnifying Womanhood book and movement. He is also the vice president for Community Affairs of the Atlanta Black Chambers of Commerce and Community Liaison for the Georgia State University COVID Initiative.

While pastoring for 20 years, he was a constant presenter at Community Colleges, Universities, and Businesses on various topics from Health and Wellness, Community Engagement, and Personal and Professional Growth. He has worked with such groups as the NC Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities (as its State-Wide Coordinator of two Health Programs), the Town of Farmville, NC as a Health Consultant, the National Kidney Foundation, the Healthy Start Foundation, NCDHHS Women's Health Branch, Health Departments, CBO's and Local Churches. Further, he initiated two Regional Initiatives while in NC: the East Coast Restorative Academy (ECRA) for Men and the Community Empowerment Network for Community Engagement that engaged National and Local Politicians, State Agencies, Colleges, and Universities.

He and his wife have presented to thousands of married couples and singles nationally and internationally, through Seminars, Banquets, TV, and Radio. They have been married for 38 years. He is the author of ten books and co-author of five national publications.

Panelist | Tim Brown | Melaleuca

Tim Brown is a 54-year-old father who wants to be around to be a living example of health and wealth for his 34-year-old and 12-year-old sons. He is also a Senior Director with an international wellness company, Melaleuca, which specializes in nontoxic and plant-based products for our entire household wellness.

He has been in the wellness industry for over 20 plus years. First, he was introduced to nutrition through college sports, then partnered with a nutrition company in his mid-twenties, where he learned the importance of taking good-quality vitamins. He has partnered with several different companies over the years, learning more and more about wellness, from the importance of proper gut health and detoxing our digestive systems to help prevent colon cancer to now, for the last five years, being partnered with his current company which has allowed him to help thousands of people to find solutions for keeping their entire families safer from cancer-causing toxic chemicals. Also, finding solutions for things such as, high blood pressure, Lupus, Diabetes, and so many more illnesses.

Wellness is not just a way of life for Tim, but a mission to help families create healthier legacies of health and wealth.

John 3:2: “Beloved, I wish upon all things that you prosper and be in good health, as your soul prospers.”

Dr. Roz | Panelist | Master Herbalist

Hello, my name Is Rosalind Harris, but my Clients and students refer to me as Dr. Roz, short for Rosalind. My earliest memory of Holistic medicine goes back to my childhood; my grandma (who we

affectionately called “Granny”) used to line all the cousins up and give us a tablespoon of Castor Oil, and boy, was it nasty to us kids. We used to laugh at each other's faces because the taste was like nothing else, and no matter how many times we tasted it, it never got better. I remember it tasting like thick, horrid liquid. Nastiness stayed on your tongue and mouth for hours. But we did not know that these were Preventative Measures our families used to take to help prevent illness and help keep

us well. This Castor Oil used to clean us out, meaning we kids went to the bathroom and made a big poop or two. I remember hearing mothers report that they saw worms in the toilet and strange things that came out.

Dr. Ronald Spearman | Internist & Survivor

Dr. Ronld Spearman is originally from Macon, Georgia. His Christian upbringing was nurtured during childhood at the historic Steward Chapel AME Church. His activities there included service as an altar boy, youth choir member, and Sunday School pianist. As a member of the YPD, Dr. Spearman represented Steward Chapel at State Sunday School Conventions and was a delegate to the National Sunday School Convention.

Dr. Spearman attended the Ballard Hudson Senior High School until his acceptance as an Early Admissions Scholar at Morehouse College in 1966. Dr Spearman was active in band and chorus in high school and the Morehouse College Glee Club.

Following his graduation from Morehouse in 1970 with degrees in Biology and Chemistry, Dr. Spearman was among the first African Americans to be accepted in the School of Medicine at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, Georgia. He became the second student of any race to become a voting member of the School of Medicine Admissions Committee. After receiving the MD degree in 1974, Dr. Spearman became the first African American resident, Chief Resident, and full-time faculty member in the Department of Internal

Medicine. Following seven years on the faculty, Dr. Spearman engaged with the Greater Augusta community in the private practice of Internal Medicine for 24 years. He then transitioned to the VA Spinal Cord Injury until his retirement in December 2019. Dr. Spearman has remained professionally active, serving on the Board of Directors of the Medical College of Georgia Foundation and the Richmond County Health Department. Dr. Spearman relocated his church home to the Bethel AME Church, Augusta, GA in 1977 and has served on the Board of Trustees since 1979. He also serves as an associate organist and director of the Male Chorus. Dr. Spearman serves as the Chairman of the Bethel AME Church Health Commission, whose primary task was developing, implementing, and surveilling best practices for the congregation's safety during the COVID-19 Pandemic and other infectious health issues. Dr. Spearman became an active member of the Sons Of Allen at Bethel circa 2002. He established the Sons of Allen Choir, which eventually consolidated with the Bethel Men's Choir. He has provided musical support for the Sons of Allen Night during the Annual Conferences held at Bethel, Augusta. In recent years Dr. Spearman has conducted several Sons of Allen-sponsored workshops on Men's Health and Prostate Cancer

locally and at the state level, and will be presenting at the Annual Retreat at The New Greater Allen Temple AME

Church in Byron, GA, on September 9th, 2023. Recent awards at Bethel include Men's Day Leadership, 202,,3, the Demarcus Stone Service Award, 2022, and the Trustee of The Year Award, 2021. Dr. Spearman is married to Dr. Barbara Adams Spearman, a retired dentist. They are the proud parents of Dr. Vanessa Spearman-McCarthy(Charles), Associate Professor of Internal Medicine and Psychiatry, Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at the Medical College of Georgia, and David Ronald Spearman, II (Amy), the Director of Media Services at the Ron Clark Academy, Atlanta, GA. They are the proud grandparents of David Ronald Spearman, III, and Benedict McCarthy.

Sylvia Dennis |Featured Survivor & Advocate

Sylvia Dennis-Wray, originally hailing from Perry, GA, but raised in Linden, NJ, embarked on a remarkable journey that has touched the lives of many. Her career began in the corporate realm, where she held pivotal positions in renowned companies such as Schering-Plough Healthcare, Johnson & Johnson, and Luxottica. However, her life took a different turn when she returned to Georgia in 2005, igniting her entrepreneurial spirit and opening a restaurant with her husband, Orville "Scottie" Wray. During the formative stages of her business venture, life threw a significant challenge her way when her mother, Ruby Dennis, suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm. Sylvia stepped into her mother's caregiver role, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to family and responsibility. In 2006, another setback arose when Sylvia's mother underwent brain surgery, which left her with Dementia. In the same year, Sylvia and her husband made their mark by opening "Sands Island Bar & Grill" in downtown McDonough and initiating "The McDonough Jerk Festival." During this time, they decided to give back to their community through their involvement with "The Walk To End Alzheimer’s," marking the beginning of Sylvia's deeper connection with the cause. Little did Sylvia know that her choice to support Alzheimer's would lead her on a profound journey of dedication and service. Her involvement with Peachtree City's "Walk To End Alzheimer’s" ignited a new calling within her. A higher purpose guided Sylvia to establish an Alzheimer's and Dementia Caregivers Support Group in Henry County. The same year, she was inspired to start the Henry County Walk To End Alzheimer’s. Approaching the Georgia Chapter, Sylvia's determination and vision were recognized, and they approved the establishment of a mini-walk in Henry County, spun off from the Greater Atlanta Walk, with Sylvia taking on the role of Walk Chair. In just two years, the Henry County Walk To End Alzheimer’s ex significant growth, leading to its official recognition by the Georgia Chapter in 2018. Sylvia's commitment to the Alzheimer's cause deepened in 2018, when she became the Event Chair of the Henry County Walk To End Alzheimer’s and also the Facilitator of the Alzheimer’s & Dementia Caregivers Support Group. In addition to these roles, she was responsible for

producing the play "Memory Laine," directed by Chris Scott and written by Camille Fitzsimmons.

Earron Scott Payton | Featured Survivor & Advocate

On October 29, 2019 when the echo of the bell tone rang aloud in the halls of Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Newnan, GA, this tradition not only signaled the end of a second round of prostate cancer treatment, but it echoed the birth of ESP Cancer Outreach.

ESP Cancer Outreach was founded by Earron Scott Payton, a two-time prostate cancer survivor, 2010 & 2019.

He was inspired to provide healthy dialogue and supportive prostate cancer services after navigating his journey and recognizing missed opportunities for the engagement of African-American males and historically underserved communities.

Earron Scott Payton strongly believes, 'his fight is my fight'; hence, ESP Cancer Outreach was launched to fill the void for prostate cancer patients.


Tolanda Thomas was born and raised in Savannah, Ga. There, she attended St. Vincent's Academy.

During her school years, both elementary and high school, Tolanda wrote and won city and region oratorical contests and ran track, placing first in several events. She was a noted team leader in volleyball while also singing all 4 years in chorale in high school. With the guidance of her mother and grandparents, Tolanda attended church regularly, where she sang in numerous choirs throughout her youth. As a teen, she was heavily involved in the youth group, and she began reading as a lector in the church and continued throughout her life. She is an alumna of HBCU Savannah State University and was among the first recipients of the HOPE scholarship program. While working part-time throughout college, Tolanda did modeling and participated in the Elks Lodge Scholarship pageants. She won two years local, which also required a themed essay each year, and finally, went on to regional here in Atlanta that year and placed second. In 1997 she graduated Cum Laude with a degree in Mass Communications, minoring in Business Administration. Following graduation,she , put her degree to work in communications ,Journal-Constitution, moved to Atlanta and put her degree to work in communications and began at The Atlanta Journal Constitution in Classified Advertising. Her career spanned 11 years there where she worked her way up from Advertising Assistant to Advertising Sales Representative. She won numerous monthly awards and finally Salesperson of the Year. Afterwards, she went into management and continued educating herself as the paper evolved. At the newspaper,e she met her husband and soulmate of 21 years, Ryan Thoma,s who is from New Orleans, LA. They have a beautiful blended family of fou:r Nicholas 33 (Atlanta, GA), Naadia 29 (Dallas, TX) and London 18 (Atlanta, GA). Their youngest daughter just graduated from high school this year and plans to attend school in January 2024 to study to become an Aesthetician. Their oldest daughter married in October last year and expects their first grandchild in December. Tolanda and her husband have been living in Atlanta for the past 21 years. They were married in New Orleans, LA. They both are active members of their church Most Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church in South Fulton. As a 13-year Breast Cancer survivor, Tolanda took it upon herself to begin and organize the cancer support group at her church to help raise awareness and support other survivors. The group also had fundraisers twice a year to create chemo gift bags and deliver them personally to individuals undergoing chemotherapy. In 2019, The Atlanta Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women recognized her as Outstanding Catholic Woman of the Year for her faithful service and outstanding effort in fostering the ideals of Christian living".

A woman very devoted to her family and her faith, Tolanda, along with her husband, loves to travel. She enjoys reading dancing, and works in Staging and Interior Decorating, along with Real Estate Development.

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