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Resident Merchant

NBWSM Resident Merchant Members have permanent physical locations within the Market. This membership requires that merchants have the ability to operate within the Market Tuesday through Saturday 11AM-8PM and Sunday 11AM-6PM. Merchants must maintain merchandising and store presentation standards, ample inventory levels, staffing coverage and financial management to successfully operate within the market.

Pop-Up Membership

NBWSM Pop-Up merchants have opportunity to sell their goods and services at the NBWSM on weekdays, weekends, during special events and designated days made available via the Pop-Up Calendar. Selection for Pop-Ups will vary depending upon the types of merchandise and services offered, the availability of space, etc.

Fast Track Categories

These are categories that we are currently seeking merchants to fill.






Waiting List Categories

These are categories that are fully occupied at the moment and we will keep your application in our waiting list. We will reach out to you once there is an opening.

  • Esthetician Services

  • Women's Clothing

  • Women's Jewellery & Accessories

  • Men's Sportswear

  • Skin Care / Bath Products

  • Hair / Hair Care Products

  • Beauty / Grooming Salons

Acceleration Program

Acceleration Membership provides access to MEMBER-ONLY experiences / gatherings, Grindlabs (trainings), virtual meet-ups, first access to NBWSM Member resources and eligibility for induction into the NBWSM Founding 500.


Membership pricing is based on several factors (e.g. membership type, physical space attributes - if applicable, etc). Additional details and options are shared with applicants throughout the application process and in our private ecosystem.


Consignment Program

The Consignment Program allows merchants to sell products such as art, handicraft, gourmet grocery products and other retail products on a consignment basis. Consignments 

within various anchor shops including Aaron’s Gourmet Market, Bourbon Street Bakery, The NBWSM Sundry and Gift Shop, Art Avenue Gift Shop, and the NBWSM Natural Pharmacy.

Virtual Membership

The NBWSM Virtual Membership allows merchants  to offer their goods and  services on the NBWSM website.

Virtual members must meet NBWSM product quality standards as well as shipping and return policies. Local merchants can  utilize the NBWSM Shipping and Receiving Department in Stonecrest, Georgia and are required to properly manage in-store and online orders.  

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