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In Loving Memory
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“What my mind can conceive and in my heart I believe, I can AND, I WILL ACHIEVE!”

We are  deeply saddened by  the passing of Mr. Lecester Bill Allen, the visionary founder of The Allen Entrepreneurial Institute (AEI) and the New Black Wall Street Market (NBWSM) in Stonecrest, Georgia.

We find comfort in knowing that Mr. Allen was surrounded by his loving family at the time of his passing.

As a dedicated team, our staff and management has been privileged to follow Mr. Allen’s visionary path and to work towards his mission- to increase the size and number of minority and women-owned businesses throughout the United States and globally.

Mr. Allen, you led by example, holding yourself as well as those around you to the highest standards. You saw potential in each of us and imparted an inheritance that transcends monetary value.

You instilled a spirit of excellence within us, challenged us to think bigger, taught us resilience and guided us through overcoming challenges. You demonstrated what the entrepreneurial mindset can achieve, corrected our mistakes, and  celebrated our growth and progress.

Mr. Allen, you dedicated your life to this mission, and we are resolute in our commitment to continue your legacy. The AEI and NBWSM teams remain steadfast in advancing your vision, ensuring it endures through the projects, programs, and initiatives we build with the resources you entrusted to us.

As you always said, “What my mind can conceive and in my heart I believe, I can… AND, I WILL ACHIEVE!” Your legacy serves as our roadmap into the future, and we will pursue excellence as our minimum standard.

Though our leader has departed, his spirit endures in each of us.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Mrs. Allen and the Allen Family. Your support and understanding in sharing so much of Mr. Allen’s time and attention with us is deeply appreciated. We are here for you and cannot express enough gratitude for the opportunities you have provided us, both individually and as a team.



Forever grateful 


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