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New Black Wall Street Hosts Town Hall 4: Faith-Based Mission

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Town Hall 4 - Faith-Based Mission invites all local pastors and congregations to bridge the gap between business and faith communities on July 22, 2023, from 9 am to 11 am

It is well-known that the faith-based community has historically been a pillar in the black community's fight for equality and justice. From the creation of the original Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to the success of the Civil Rights Movement, the faith-based community has been instrumental. With the creation of the New Black Wall Street Market (NBWSM), its leaders consider the input and support of the faith-based community a vital component of its success.

"Historically, our churches, faith-based organizations, and youth have always been at the heart of progress, said NBWSM Director Matthew Hampton. "It is paramount to our success that we build partnerships with faith-based leaders to ensure a prosperous future for our youth and community."

All local churches and congregations are invited to participate in Town Hall 4 - Faith-Based Mission. This is the fourth town hall meeting and community breakfast hosted by the NBWSM to galvanize all community segments behind the mission to increase the number and size of minority and women-owned businesses, explained Hampton.

"Key to achieving our mission is educating our faith-based organizations, youth, and business leaders about the benefits partnering with the NBWSM will produce for them and the community, said Hampton.

Strengthening Social and Spiritual Bonds

Engaging with other community and faith leaders will foster stronger spiritual bonds and cooperation, enabling your church to form valuable partnerships with businesses, community groups, and fellow ministries. As we join hands in this partnership, we will create a network of support and solidarity that extends beyond the town hall, bringing our community closer together while fortifying our joint mission.

Shared Empowerment Through Economic Development

We are focused on economic development and making your congregation active participants in shaping the future. Together, we can identify and support local entrepreneurs, foster economic independence, and break the cycle of financial inequality that has plagued our people for decades. Your congregation will take pride in knowing they are part of a collective effort to build a stronger, more prosperous community.

Positive Visibility and Expanded Outreach

Your church's input and involvement will shine a positive light on our community and yield expanded awareness of our partnership, mission, and future impact for decades. Embracing economic development as a core value aligns with the teachings of compassion, justice, and community upliftment espoused by your ministry. Join us in being the catalyst for change that our communities need.

Town Hall 4 - Faith-Based Mission meeting is scheduled for July 22, 2023, from 9 am to 11 am at 8109 Mall Parkway, Stonecrest, GA. To attend, you must register as a VIP guest to ensure seating. VIP guests will be greeted by the customer care team and directed to a VIP suite before breakfast. To learn more about the New Black Wall Street Market and how your church can play an essential role in this transformative journey, please visit Your presence and support can make all the difference in building a brighter future for our community.

The New Black Wall Street Market is a 125,000 square-feet premier retail establishment and events center housing dozens of black-owned businesses located at 8109 Mall Parkway, Stonecrest, GA 30038. This decadent facility features the Pink Lion Jazz Club, Mattie's Tea Room, its ballroom, a Greenwood performance stage, a Fine Arts District (Art Avenue) featuring world-class black art, an expo hall as well as Aaron's Gourmet Grocery Market featuring chef-inspired cuisine, and health products.

If you have any questions, email: To find out more about space rental and upcoming events, visit

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